Egede ApS’ strength is expert knowledge in our field. We have now extended our consultancy work to include training. Below are the training options we provide. If you have a request that is not described below, please contact us at

Company-specific training
Company-specific training is training that is tailored specially for your company. We deliver company-specific training in the areas of OT/ICS cybersecurity from beginner to advanced, and with both the blue team and red team perspectives.

For more information, please contact us.

Training partners
We have also partnered up with ThreatGen and you are now able to buy the ThreatGen Red Vs Blue licenses directly from here. The different TheratGen options are below.
Do not know it! se the demo.

ThreatGen_ind_month                                      ThreatGen_ind_pro_life.jpg
ThreatGen_bus_org.jpg                                      ThreatGen_event.jpg