Egede provides expertise in industrial and critical infrastructure cybersecurity. We have many years of experience and work with large and small companies, both in Denmark and internationally. Søren Egede Knudsen is internationally known for his extensive experience and quality service.
Egede provides expertise in many areas, such as:
Cybersecurity consultant - Trusted advisor
General cybersecurity consulting services range from security design, including architecture of industrial networks and risk analysis, to more deep technical tasks such as malware analysis or cyber incident management in several forms.
Industrial cybersecurity analysis and penetration testing - "Offensive thinking"
Analysis and penetration testing have been used for some time in non-industrial IT networks. In the industrial area, it is more difficult and requires special knowledge and experience. Without this knowledge and experience, a penetration test will not only provide less value, but can also have catastrophic consequences for some industrial systems.
Egede has many years of experience with industrial systems and penetration testing. We know that almost all industrial environments are different. We provide specially tailored cybersecurity analyses and penetration tests for your specific environment.
We recommend combining an analysis and penetration testing for industrial and critical infrastructure environments. This is also often called a "whitebox" test, but our testing is specifically aimed at your industrial environment and is developed as an industrial penetration test.
Application testing
We can provide a deeper analysis of a specific application, which can be adapted to your needs. We can do application analysis and penetration testing, a deeper analysis using reverse engineering and fuzzing, or a combination.
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